Unlock Your Potential This Summer with OGX’s Elite Collegiate Program

Elevate Your Athletic Performance with a Tailored Approach

This summer, redefine what’s possible in your athletic career with OGX’s Elite Collegiate Program. Our program is designed exclusively for college athletes and offers a science-based and individualized development plan to elevate your off-season. Whether you’re bouncing back from an injury or aiming to solidify your groundwork for the upcoming season, we’re here to ensure your growth is significant and tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive Assessments for Tailored Development

We believe in the uniqueness of every athlete’s journey. That’s why our program begins and ends with extensive assessments to measure and track your progress precisely. You’ll undergo:

  • Two movement capacity assessments (entrance and exit)
  • Two power assessments (entrance and exit)
  • Two biomechanics assessments (entrance and exit)
  • Two ball-flight assessments (entrance and exit)
  • Two high-speed assessments (entrance and exit)

Post-assessment, you’ll have in-depth sessions with your coach to dissect your metrics, ensuring clarity and focus in your development areas.

Individualized Strength, Conditioning, and Skills Training

Our collegiate program’s heart is a 10-week custom-built regimen of strength, conditioning, and pitching and/or hitting training. This personalization spans every facet of your development, offering:

  • On-site training with cutting-edge technology at OGXHQ.
  • Remote training integration for continuous support wherever you are.
  • Full access to the OGX team for expert guidance and support.
  • Comprehensive health and wellness oversight, including return-to-play protocols and symptom management.

Customizable Assessment Locations for Pitchers

For pitchers seeking an extra layer of customization, choose between conducting your initial and final assessments at OGXHQ or opting for a comprehensive analysis at the gold-standard biomechanics lab at UNO.

Flexible Access and Support

Our program caters to your summer schedule, providing flexible access to OGXHQ and allowing you to tailor your training schedule. 

This summer, go beyond mere training. Transform with OGX’s Elite Collegiate Program and prepare not just for the next season, but also for a significant breakthrough in your athletic career. Seize the opportunity to reach your highest potential with OGX.

Spots are limited. Email info@ogxsoftball.com to secure your spot, or set up a free call HERE to discuss more.