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Remote Training Programs

Our remote training programs are for softball athletes all over the country who want access to our individualized training programs.

In-Person Training Programs

Our in-person training programs are for those athletes who will complete the entirety of their program at OGX.

In-Person Biomechanics Assessments

We offer full biomechanics assessments for pitching and hitting at OGX. These are for athletes who want access to our full slate of technology and storytelling to piece together the most information about their story and development plan going forward.

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  • Assessments:

    All plans include an assessment process.

  • Individualized:

    All plans are individualized to each athlete.

  • Collaboration:

    All plans include access and oversight with our team.

  • Wellness:

    All plans include wellness questionnaires and monitoring.

  • Monitor:

    All plans including data / reassessment monitoring.

  • Results:

    All plans continue to adapt to allow for results.

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