On-Campus Pitcher Assessments

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Know your pitchers’ origins, so they can control their development!

Movement and Power Assessments

We will gather movement and power numbers relevant to the skill of pitching to help you understand what your pitchers bring into their motions and how your strength and conditioning and athletic training staff can collaborate more fully with you to accelerate progress!

Biomechanics Report

Each pitcher will be measured on wearable sensors and a report will be generated to help you understand the strategies each pitcher uses and how that may be impacting performance or overall pitcher health.

Ball-Flight Information

Rapsodo will be collected to understand the full ball-flight of each pitcher and also its relationship to the pitchers overall patterns and movement quality.


Option to collaborate with the OGX team following the assessment through consulting to strategize the best way to incorporate development into your program to get maximum results from your pitchers!

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