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A pitcher throwing plyos. What are plyos?

Individualized Plan to Attack Your Goals

Whether you’re aiming for increased velocity, improved pitch break, or pain reduction, our individualized approach meets you where you are. Our programs will use the information from your assessment to attack any deficiencies and to help you increase velocity, break, or get out of the pain cycle!

Programs Rooted in Human Performance Science

Immerse yourself in the science of peak performance with OGX’s evidence-based pitching programs. Our methodologies, including our detailed plyo programs, are built on the latest research, ensuring measurable results.

Collaborative Support for Pitching Success

Join a winning team of pitching coaches and wellness experts at OGX. Our collaborative approach means you’re not alone in your journey to mastery. Benefit from diverse perspectives, personalized feedback, and a holistic strategy prioritizing your overall well-being. At OGX, we’re in it together, committed to unlocking your full pitching potential.

Train Anywhere

Experience the freedom to thrive with OGX’s flexible training model. Whether you prefer the comfort of home or the dynamic atmosphere of OGXHQ, our programs adapt to your lifestyle. With OGX, location is no barrier to success.

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