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Redefine the Circle Podcast

Redefine the Circle is found on Apple, Spotify and YouTube. This podcast is an opportunity for Ashley Sunshine to share her passion for pitching. The team and resources at OGX have given her an opportunity to take her passion for pitching and transform it into a passion for growth. This podcast is an opportunity for Ashley to share the things she has learned in the hopes that our entire pitching community can come together, challenge the norm, and start to redefine the circle.

Bet on Me Podcast

Bet on Me is found on Apple, Spotify and YouTube. Get ready to dive into all things softball player development with the Bet on Me Podcast! Hosted by Krista Stoker, the Co-Founder of OGX, this show is the ultimate resource for players looking to elevate their training and reach their full potential. With a focus on individualized assessments and data-driven training programs, OGX provides a holistic and collaborative approach to player development. Our mission is to empower girls and women in the sport by giving them the knowledge and confidence to become their own best coach and embrace a “Bet on Me” mindset. Join Krista as she explores the world of softball player development and helps you take control of your training journey!

Plyo Program

Learn how to building an individualized plyo program for your softball pitchers! This course takes everything we’ve learned from years of research and implementation at OGX and teaches you what to look for and how to implement an individualized plyo program for your pitchers.

You can purchase here: https://ogx.podia.com/foundations-of-building-a-plyo-program-for-softball-pitching


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