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Krista Stoker and Ashley Sunshine


OGX started forming in the imagination of Krista and Ashley when Krista was still practicing law and Ashley was intending to go to Medical School. Their dream of re-entering the softball world and doing it differently started small and took many detours. What they couldn’t have imagined at the time was that their dream of doing softball training differently would lead to what OGX has become today. What started as carrying strength equipment and tees in the back of their cars, turned to the realization that softball training needed to be reworked. Krista and Ashley started asking questions about the way things had always been done and it became obvious that approaching softball training as a one-size fits all lesson or gym class model just didn’t make a lot of sense. Finally in 2019, the vision they had been working toward came to fruition when they were able to steal Dr. Laura McDonald from the world of academics to help guide a science-driven approach to training and Karli Sewell came on board to re-think strength training of softball in an integrated approach.

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