Unlocking Pitching Potential: The OGX Plyo Course

By:Ashley Sunshine

Plyo programs are at the core of all training regimens for OGX pitchers. Plyos have so many benefits. They promote the trunk-arm relationship (better mechanics), teach pitchers how to maximize arm adjustability (command), and are the perfect tool for building an appropriate and efficient pre-game warmup. The true power of plyos, however, lies in tailoring the plyo program to each pitcher’s needs.
This is why we built our plyo module. This course walks parents and coaches through the variables we consider at OGX when building plyo programs. The module discusses details regarding changing weights and intensities, and how to progress from one variable to the next. It uses video analysis to help others understand what to look for in their own pitchers. The module guides them through what questions to ask, and most importantly, how to keep adjusting the plyo program when needed.
It’s important to understand that pitchers shouldn’t stick to a single plyo program throughout their careers. It should evolve alongside them as patterns and performance goals change. Exactly what changes should be made is all outlined in the module. The best part of the plyo module is that beyond the instructional part of the course, it includes a program building “tool” that coaches and parents can continuously use to develop and adapt plyo programs as needed.
For more information on the OGX plyo module, check out the following video: